A+ Athlete: Michael Kemp, Denison

Michael Kemp

DENISON, Texas -- This weeks A+ Athlete comes to us former Denison High School....Michael Kemp is an Advance Placement student with a 3.9 GPA -- and for him -- getting up and going to school everyday is far from a chore.

"Well I've always enjoyed going to school, learning something new every day," Kemp said. "It's just something that's always been a knack for me. I just love seeing my friends having friendly competition in the class room and seeing what the new day will bring"

Said Michael's teacher Staci Schneider: "He's hard working, he's fun to be around, he's setting a good example for anyone younger, anyone older. He's just a positive influence to be around."

Michael is also a big contributor to the Yellow Jackets tennis team...he's there number one boy, winning over 80 percent of his matches, and a championship level USTA player, who's dedicated to his craft.

"I'm on the tennis courts on the weekend maybe 10-12 hours, and I just practice because I love the sport so much," Kemp said.

Said Michael's coach Kim Reid: "It's definitely going to make an impact on our team when he's not here next year. He's our number one boy, plays on our number one doubles team and he's just a great role model"

Michael plans to go Southeastern to get his basics out of the way, and then wants to go into the field of nuclear engineering, Talent like that on and off the court is what makes Michael Kemp this week's A+ Athlete.

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