A+ Athlete: Tyler Ramirez, Madill

This week's A+ Athlete comes to us from Madill High School.

Senior Tyler Ramirez is a member of the National Honor Society. He is currently taking college courses through Murray State and will have 12 college credit hours by the time he graduates. Ramirez has a 4.28 weighted GPA.

"I'm trying to make sure I get those good grades where I can go and become what I want to be when I get older," Ramirez said.

"He's very dedicated in his training to do the best that he can, Madill. Wrestling Coach Jim Love said. "He doesn't just wait until competition to do his best, he does he best everyday in practice to be a leader, both for himself and for the rest of the team and student body."

When it comes to sports, there are not not many Tyler doesn't compete in. He has lettered in football, cross country, baseball and wrestling. On the mat is where he shines as a 3-time state qualifier. He has placed twice, as a conference champion and 3-time all conference member.

"I've never been a very athletic person to be honest," Ramirez said. "I've had to work to where I'm at now. I've spent many hours, especially in the wrestling, just working. Just going as hard as I can 100-percent of the time to just try to get myself better, more athletic."

"Tyler is one of the most dedicated kids that I've coached," Madill Baseball Coach Mike Matlack said. "He's the type of kid that he's always wanting to know what he can do to get better, everyday, everyday he wants to get better."

After graduation, Tyler plans to go to school to get a doctor of pharmacy degree. And that's why Tyler Ramirez is this week's A+ Athlete.