Antlers' Jalena Arthur Pitches for Colombian Junior National Team

Three months ago Antlers' Jalena Arthur was accepting her high school diploma, Sunday she took to the diamond representing much more than the 2,500 person town Antlers. She was brandishing the nation of Colombia on the front of her jersey.

"It's really all just unbelievable to me and I really haven't had time to think about it really," Arthur said.

Jalena is American born, however her mom, Claudia, was born in Colombia allowing Jalena to be recruited by the South American country.

"It is surreal to me, because this is my mom's country and I'm glad that I'm able to represent her country and my grandparent's country," said Jalena.

"When I saw her technique, I knew she had a lot of potential and I needed her on the team," Colombian Head Coach Rafael Orozco said.

For the last couple weeks Jalena and her mom traveled to Bogota, Colombia to practice with the team.

"We as a family are just so proud of her and we are so proud of her representing our country," Claudia said.

"The people over there have the same passion for the game that we do over here," Jalena said. "It's amazing to share the love of the game."

Sunday she took the field in the softball capital of the world, Oklahoma City. Competing in the WBSC Junior Women's World Championship where 18-teams from around the globe came to stake their claim as the best in the world.

"I've been so blessed with this experience," Jalena said. "I'm going to take so much from it, just knowing that these girls are going to be my teammates for life and the friendships are going to carry on through my life."

She continued.

"I wouldn't ever change this for anything else."

Jalena got the nod as starting pitcher in Colombia's first game against Great Britain, finishing with two strikeouts.

Colombia has been so impressed with her, they've invited her to join their adult national team.

The tournament will continues throughout the week, if you'd like to follow the tournament visit XI WBSC Junior Women's World Championship