Barea accepts Bynum apology

Dallas guard J.J. Barea says he doesn't hold any animosity toward Lakers center Andrew Bynum after their ugly collision.
Bynum elbowed Barea in the chest while the guard was in the air
for a layup in Game 4 of their playoff series. He hit the floor
hard, Bynum was ejected and on Tuesday was suspended for the first
five games of next season.
Barea says he has a bruise on his ribs and another on his left
hand. He said Wednesday that he received an apologetic message from
Bynum that he considers sincere. He didn't return the call because
he didn't think it was necessary.
Barea said: "He just had a big mistake. People have those
sometimes. He lost his mind and he fouled me pretty hard. I know he
regrets it."
The Mavericks swept the two-time defending champion Lakers.

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