Cody Bauer prepares for NFL draft

FRISCO, TX - Former Pottsboro defensive end Cody Bauer is training hard in Frisco, preparing for the NFL draft.

Every football athlete dreams of having their named called on draft day and for one former Texoma athlete, it could soon be a reality.

"As a kid I never thought I'd being getting this opportunity," said Bauer. "You know, one of the few that can go on."

It's estimated around 3,500 athletes will declare for the NFL draft, but less than 260 of them will actually be selected. That means only about 7% of those who declare will have their name called on draft day. Cody Bauer, hopes to be part of that 7%.

"You have so many guys applying for the same job, like what separates you from them," said Bauer. "So everyday you've got to come out and you've got to separate yourself."

The Former Pottsboro defensive end, who made his mark at Rice, now eyes a different quarterback to sack. Bauer is in the midst of a rigorous training schedule, but it comes to no surprise to those that know Bauer well.

"We like to say he's one of those kids that you couldn't run off no matter what you did to him or had him do," said Bauer's high school coach Matt Poe, "You know if you raise the level of the intensity of the workout or whatever your doing, he's going to raise his level too, he's just that kind of player, and that kind of athlete."

Bauer's father, Carey Bauer agrees, "Any task that he does, he'll exceed at it because he wants to learn it and be the absolute best, so it's all pretty all step by step with him, you know. I reach this level, I need to go here, and I reach this level and I need to go here."

With a degree in Sports Management from Rice in his back pocket, Bauer has a strong Plan B to fall back on. But for right now, he's focussed on playing at the next level.

"If this is your dream, go and try to live your dream and if it works out then great. If it don't, then you have a great degree from Rice to fall back on," said Poe.

"You'll regret it the rest of your life if you don't give it a shot. I m absolutely giving it my all and it's a great opportunity," said Bauer.

The NFL draft begins May 8, when Bauer looks forward to getting that one phone call he's been waiting for for years.

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