Davis, Wynnewood Keep on Winning

The Davis Wolves and Wynnewood Savages are no strangers to success. The Wolves have 5 state titles to their name, the Savages have 6.

"I've made it to the playoffs every year that I've played, and we really don't know anything but playoff games," said Davis linebacker Kasey Wood.

Thing are pretty similar up the road in Wynnewood.

"It's an honor, I feel blessed to come into a program with such great tradition, and the community is such in love with football, this is a football town," said Wynnewood coach Richard Norman.

The two towns are separated by a ten mile stretch of highway 77, but not matter which end you live on, there's reason for excitement, and both teams are semifinal bound.

Neither team has lost a game this year, in fact Davis hasn't lost a game in almost 2 seasons. They've won 28 in row, tied for a school record, and picked up a state title along the way. Now they're gearing up for a tough game against 12-1 Hennessey.

"They're focused. These kids have been really easy in that respect. We don't have to remind them that being number one ranked doesn't mean anything when you have a playoff," said Davis coach Jody Weber.

Wynnewood, meanwhile, will take on the 13-0 Thomas Terriers, with a chance to make it back to state title game for the first time since 2012. They feel like that experience from two years ago will help them.

"Well you're not scared of big games. You've been there, you've done it. No reason to be scared," said Wynnewood left tackle Miguel Medina.

And with so little distance between the towns, it's no surprise they've made fans of one another.

"I'm friends with some of the Wynnewood people actually and they're pretty cool kids. I hope they get the win this week and the week after," said Davis quarterback Blake Summers.

The feeling is mutual on the Wynnewood side.

"I'm good friends with the Davis team, and it's cool, because we can talk about it. I'm behind Davis and they're behind us," said Wynnewood quarterback Pete Carter.

Davis will kick off against Hennessey Friday night at 7 pm at Putnam City High School, while Wynnewood will take on Thomas at the same time at Cache High school. Winners will move on to the state championship.

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