Denison Little League expanding borders, All-Star rosters

Denison Little League is expanding boundaries that will bring in more players, and create a more competitive all-star roster.

Denison Little League’s Spring registration is open for 2016. Denison Little League had 470 players in the 2015 spring season and 200 in the fall. Those numbers are expected to increase. There will now be divisions for players starting at age 5 and going to age 16. Age divisions could increase to age 18 if there is enough demand.

Denison Little League recently expanded its borders to bring in more players. Those players will be eligible for post season all-star play. This includes players in Denison, Sherman, Pottsboro, Bells, Whitesboro, Sadler, Southmayd, Howe, Colbert, Kemp, Achillle, Yuba and more.

If a child attends a school in any of those towns or resides within the boundaries, he or she is eligible to participate in all-stars. In years past, many players who were worthy of being an all-star could not be because of where they lived. That will be a problem for fewer players from now on.

For all but the youngest players, Denison Little League offers a regular season followed by a double elimination championship tournament. This ensures that players in those divisions get at least 14 games each spring.

Players from 9-12 years old are placed on teams based on the results of a draft so that players are grouped by talent as well as age which has worked very well the past couple of years. Play in these divisions is far more balanced and competitive than in years past.

The AAA division is primarily for 9-10 year old players while also having a place for less advanced or new 11 year olds to play.

The Major division is primarily for 11-12 year olds while also giving more advanced 10 year olds a place to play.

Denison Little League's Intermediate division offers the most skilled 11-12 year olds and all 13 years old the opportunity to play with big barrel bats and lead-offs on the bases.

The Senior division plays at the Scott Middle School field on Mirick Avenue which is a high school sized field.

The youngest players in Denison Little League are the Rookies, 5-6 year olds. These players see a ball pitched by a coach and have one last chance off a tee if they do not hit the pitched ball. This develops the timing of the swing while also giving an opportunity for success at a young age.

The AA division is for 7-8 year olds and introduces kid pitching on a part time basis while having the coach fill in. This allows these players to become accustomed to players pitching at the next level.

The main goal of DLL is to provide a safe, fun environment for kids to play baseball and to teach them about the game and the life lessons the game can teach.

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