Denison's Hunt Honored

Reggie Hunt has always had a knack for football. He had a memorable career with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders and was a standout at TCU, but it all started when he played running back and safety in Denison.

"Ah man, those are the glory days man. I still talk to my teammates to this day, those are probably some of the best days of my life," said Hunt.

"I coached football for 40 years, and every once and while you'll see a special kid come along, and you know that good things are going to happen for them. He makes things happen," said former Denison coach Bob Brown.

Hunt played linebacker in Saskatchewan from 2002-2007, helping his team to a Grey Cup in his final year. His time in Saskatchewan was so prolific, he was recently inducted into the Roughriders Plaza of Honor.

"When Reggie came through, I thought he was probably one of the premier linebackers in the CFL, just because of the things be brought to the the table, because he was such a versatile player. And I think he revolutionized the position," said Roughriders defensive coordinator Richie Hall.

And after he retired from pro football, Hunt decided he wanted to spend his Friday nights at Munson Stadium, this time though, as a secondary coach.

"I though, you know he's going to be a really good asset to us. Coach our corners, coach our safety's and you know he has a natural rapport with the kids and he does a great job," said Denison coach Chad Rogers.

And Hunt hopes his experiences can help HIM, help these kids.

"You know I looked up to a lot of good football players and great people. Seeing those guys come around and kind of school me on the the future and what to do to be successful and things like that, that was a wonderful thing for me. So I'm trying to give that back to the kids and the players that we have now," said Hunt.

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