Dirk's bad pass the last costly turnover for Mavs

The Dallas Mavericks needed Dirk Nowitzki to keep
Instead, he threw a pass. And with that, the Mavericks threw
away their chance at the lead in the NBA finals.
Nowitzki's turnover was the last and most costly of the
Mavericks' 14 Sunday night, and they lost 88-86 to the Miami Heat
in Game 3 to fall into a 2-1 deficit.
Nowitzki, perhaps the dominant player this postseason, had
carried the Mavs again over the final 6 minutes, scoring their
final 12 points to tie it at 86 with 1:40 remaining.
But after Chris Bosh's jumper with 39 seconds left, Nowitzki got
the ball but saw his lane close down, so he tried to pass to Shawn
Marion along the sideline. He was off balance and the ball soared
into the seats with 30 seconds to go.
Given a last attempt after LeBron James' missed 3-pointer,
Nowitzki did shoot it on the final possession of the game, but he
was well defended by Udonis Haslem and the shot bounced off the