Hair Takes Over SE Cross Country Program

Southeastern Director of Athletics Keith Baxter has announced the hiring of Ron Hair as the Savage Storm women's cross country coach on Tuesday afternoon.

“We are excited about the addition of coach Hair,” said Baxter. “He brings a wealth of experience as well as a passion for the sport that should translate into success while competing.”

“It's like going full circle and coming back home,” said Hair. “Ever since Southeastern started women's cross country, I've had a desire for the job and it finally came through for me. I am really excited about it and looking forward to it.”

Hair makes the transition from high school coaching to the collegiate level and moves to SE after serving as a coach and a teacher at Slidell ISD in Slidell, Texas, since 2007.

He has spent more than 35 years coaching at the high school level with track and cross country.

Over that span he has coached 11 state qualifiers at the high school level, as well as four regional championships at the individual level.

He has also had one regional championship team finish, while adding five team district championships and guiding his squads to five-straight high school division wins at the Cowtown Marathon.

Hair began his career at Dickson ISD in 1975 and has made eight stops since then before landing at Slidell.

Prior to Slidell he spent five seasons at Bowie HS in Bowie, Texas, which followed an 11 year stint at Springtown HS in Springtown, Texas.

He has been recognized throughout his career as a teacher, earning Bowie's Teacher of the Year honor in 2006, and he was named the State of Texas Teacher of the Year by the Council of Humanities in 1999.

Hair is a 1975 graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State with a Bachelor of Science.

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