Healdton not ready to settle

The Healdton Bulldogs got past the first round of the playoffs for the first time since 2004, when they knocked off the Wynnewood Savages.

During a meeting with his team on Monday, Head Coach Mark Barrett told his players don’t be complacent with just one playoff victory.

"I told them, first round is great, second round is ever better,” Barrett said. “But don't be satisfied with that. I told them that if they were satisfied with getting to the 2nd round, don't get on the bus Friday."

“We want this program to be one of the best in the state. I really think this group is not satisfied. They’ve got a hunger and they want to build on that legacy.”

In order to take that next step, Healdton will have to beat the third ranked Mooreland Bearcats in Mooreland. One thing that will have to change is turnovers. The Bulldogs had three turnovers in the first quarter against Wynnewood.

“We’re going to have to hang onto the ball,” Barrett said. “We can’t have six or seven turnovers like we did the other night. My goal is to control the ball, keep it between the sticks and just try to keep the ball out of their hands.”

Game time is scheduled for 7:30 Friday night at Mooreland High School.