Jaguars have little hope of suspended WR Blackmon returning

(MGN Online)

The Jacksonville Jaguars are losing hope that suspended receiver Justin Blackmon will return.

General manager Dave Caldwell said Tuesday he's had no contact with Blackmon in some time. He adds that he expects Blackmon's skills to be diminished after nearly two years away from football.

Caldwell has a "little bit of hope" that Blackmon could return. But "realistically I think when you're away from the game what you were once is not what you probably will be. Your skills do erode, especially if you're not staying in tip-top shape and you're not in football shape."

Pictures surfaced on social media last year in which Blackmon appeared significantly heavier than his playing weight.

Caldwell adds that "common sense would probably be if you haven't played football in 2 ½ years, apparently that's not a priority for you."

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