Kingston, Madill prepare for Marshall County Super Bowl

MARSHALL CO., Okla. -- When you hear Super Bowl many think of a Sunday in February, not in Marshall County.

For one Friday every year Kingston and Madill, the only two football schools in the county line up against one another in the Marshall County Super Bowl.

"It's all friendship whenit's off the field," Madill Running Back Ty Davis said. "But when it comes game time it's enemy."

"Expect to see a dog fight," Kingston Center Chance Williams said. "It's going to be fun playing them, there's nothing better than playing somebody like that. They're going to be hungry, we're going to be hungry."

Only seven miles seperates the long time rivals. Madill holds the upper hand in the overall series, however it's been the Redskins that have came out on top on the scoreboard the last two years.

"It's always a tough game every time we play Madill and we've been fortunate the last couple years," Kingston Head Coach John Caraway said. "But we understand the signifigance of the game and the rivalry and how important it is to both communities."

"They beat us twice in the last two years and that's hard for people here to take," Madill Head Coach Milton Cooper said. "It is a strong rivalry and this one is pivitual for his program and for us."

Madill comes into the game 1-1 after a tough loss to 4A power Ada last week. Meanwhile Kingston is 2-0 on the year, but for both the Wildcats and Redskins the Marshall County Super Bowl is more than a game.

"We play for the community and all the alumni that have graduated here," Madill Wide Receiver Edgar Padron said. "It's about pride."

"Just to be the group to win three wins in a row and set a new standard for Kingston would be great for me," Kingston Tackle Ty Thurlo said.

Kingston and Madill will kick off at Blake Smiley Stadium in Madill at 7:30 p.m. this Friday.