Mavericks take unlikely road to the top

As the Dallas Mavericks celebrated in their champagne-soaked championship T-shirts, it was easy to look around the locker room and laugh about the reputations they carried just a few hours earlier.
The point guard who was too old. His backup who was too small.
The brash owner with the big mouth. The agile center with the
brittle body.
The coach and the star who weren't strong enough leaders.
Now, they share a new label: NBA champions.
And, for one year at least, they showed that super teams can't
be built by a few stars hooking up. With a roster featuring Dirk
Nowitzki and no other prime-of-his-career headliner, the Mavs
showed that a title can still be won the old-fashioned way, with
camaraderie and unselfishness.

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