SOSU Softball preparing for tournament

DURANT, OK - Pre-season favorites the Savage Storm clinched on the final weekend of the regular season to become conference champs and now aim for a conference tournament title.

"It's been an exciting season, you had high expectations, you know your picked to win the conference, which we did on the final day of the season," said head coach Ron Faubion. "I tell the girls it's a lot harder to stay on top than it is to get there."

The Savage Storm saw an up and down year as several key players were left sidelined with injuries that resulted in eleven conference losses. But the young squad that a times felt like it was being held together by scotch tape battled their way to 35 wins and a conference title.

"We've come a long way, and our season has been up and down, where as last year we only lost three conference games," said senior pitcher Mindy McElroy. "Where this year, we lost eleven, and that's how tough our conference has been. It's been really stressful and a struggle."

Southeastern now heads into the conference tournament the same way as last year with the number one seed. But unlike last year, where the Savage Storm looked like the overwhelming favorite, it's not a such a sure thing this time around.

"To just come out like we did last weekend, to keep hitting," said senior shortstop Lacie Cook. "Back Mindy up with much as we can and she'll have to push through it so we know she has to work hard and we know we have to work hard behind her and just hopefully make it all the way through."

"We could possibly get upset, and I consider it an upset because I m a little prejudice, but if we happen to get upset we could easily be left out of the regional ranking," said coach Faubion. "That's how tough this weekend is going to be and how important this weekend will be."

"At any moment, like we can't let our guard down because all these teams are pretty equal this year, where last year knew we were going to beat such and such, where this year, it's anybody's game," said McElroy.

The opening round begins on May 1st, with Southeastern starting at 2pm against Ouachita Baptist.