Supporting cast must come through for Mavs in Game 4

The more the Dallas Mavericks rely on Dirk Nowitzki, the more obvious it becomes that his teammates aren't doing enough to help.
Dallas got to the NBA finals behind Nowitzki and a supporting
cast that provided points from a lot of guys.
Three games into the NBA finals, the Mavs are down 2-1 mainly
because those other scorers are off-target.
Jason Terry has been shut out in two fourth quarters, but at
least has the excuse of being covered by LeBron James.
J.J. Barea's aim has simply fallen apart. Peja Stojakovic has
been so awful that he may soon be stuck to the bench.
Those three are a major reason the Mavs are averaging 11.4
points per game less than they did the previous three rounds this

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