Trenton Tigers headed to state tournament

TRENTON, TX - The baseball season will come to a close after this week and one local team hoping to wrap up their season on top is the Trenton Tigers, who make the trip to Round Rock in their first ever state tournament.

With their bags packed and a crowd full of supporters around them. The Trenton Tigers are headed to the state tournament for the first time in school history.

"It's an awesome feeling, it's something you dream to do," said senior catcher Dylan McCarley. "I can't explain it, it's just one of those lucky things we get to do," said senior outfielder Hunter Strickland.

Each year the Tigers have progressed a litter further in postseason action and this season they finally broke through.

"It's something tha tyou never would of dreamed it would happen," said McCarley. "If you're lucky enough that it did. It's just awesome feeling that it did."

It's the perfect send off for head coach Josh Weger, who will be stepping out of the dugout and into the classroom next year. The ball coach of eleven seasons will become an assistant principle at Bells High School, but he's happy before he left his seniors made it to the final four.

"I couldn't have imagined doing it with a better group of guys," said coach Weger. "We got nine seniors on this team, and they've been great leaders for us all year."

Trenton heads to Round Rock as the only team without prior state tournament history. The three other teams have a combined eleven appearances, with Weimar leading the field with 7.

"We know were going to fight hard and we know it's not going to be easy," said coach Weger. "Those teams are down there for a reason, their good and their going to be tough to beat. But were going to give it all we got."

Trenton will meet up with Stamford in the semifinals on Wednesday, first pitch schedule for 9 a.m.

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