Trenton softball ready for Bosqueville rematch

This year the Trenton Softball team is going down a familiar road against a familiar opponent.

The Lady Tigers Regional Semifinal run is their third in as many years and the only hurdle Trenton has yet to clear, Bosqueville. The same team who knocked the Trenton out of the Regional finals last year in 10-innings and again the year before in the Regional Semifinals.

This year Trenton is looking to alter the script and put an end Bosqueville's season.

"I'm ready to go back and take one home for us, because it's been a long time coming," Trenton Pitcher Jordan Withrow said.

"I think we'll be ready this time," Trenton Catcher McKenzie Pryor said.

It hasn't been the easiest of roads back to the fourth round, injuries plagued the outfield. In fact at one point this year, all of their starting outfield was on the mend. Despite all of that they still captured their third straight district title and will play for a trip to the Regional Finals on Friday.

"No matter what's been presented in front of us the girls have never panicked," Trenton Head Coach Jeremy Strickland said. "They've never done anything other than show up everyday at practice and play. I think when you get to a point when you got that type of maturity level it bodes well for you."

"We really work hard," Pryor said. "It's not given to us every year, so just being back here is great."

Instead of dragging the drama out over a three-game series. Coach Strickland opted for a one game, winner take all.

"It gives us an opportunity to put them in a pressure situation that they haven't had to be in, where they have to beat us in one game," Strickland said. "I know that my girls are going to respond. I don't have any doubt that they're going to be able to handle a one game scenario."

First pitch is set for 7 p.m. Friday at Mansfield Lake Ridge High School.