Michelle Filander named coach of the year

Michelle Filander named coach of the year

Your Overnight & 7-Day Forecast !

Tonight there is a slight chance of an evening Shower or Storm before midnight. With a bit dryer air we will be Cooler overnight. Instead of morning Lows near 80 we will be near 70.

Mosquitoes on the rise

Health department officials said they expect the number of mosquitoes in Grayson County to increase as we get deeper into the summer, and along with it, the risk of disease.

Monday 06/17 Mid-Day Web Weather

Monday Mid-Day Web Weather

Mosquito Control Awareness Week

Matthew McReynolds of Mosquito Joe joins us with helpful mosquito safety tips, as the Mosquito Season shifts into gear and the weather starts to heat up.

Monday Morning Fitness

Tabatha Darnell, Lead Trainer at Nautilus Denison, shares fitness tips and workouts on how to work your core, hips, shoulders and back.


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