Denison Dance Academy performance

Mon Jun 17 21:46:44 PDT 2019

Denison Dance Academy performance

Anchor Jen Phillips talks with director of the Denison Dance Academy about their upcoming performance of 'Cinderella.'

Sherman non-profit out thousands of dollars after being burglarized

A Sherman non-profit food pantry is out thousands of dollars after they were burglarized Sunday night.

Tuesday 11/19 Midday Web Weather

Tuesday Midday Web Weather

TMC Medical Minutes-Lung Cancer

TMC Medical Minutes-Lung Cancer

Tuesday 11/19 Morning Web Weather

Tuesday Morning Web Weather

Elderly woman scammed out of $900 in Bokchito

An elderly Bokchito woman is short hundreds of dollars she'd be saving for years. Two men posing as electrical company workers tricked her and drove off with her with money.


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