Sherman receives 1930′s Track and Field medal donations

Bearcats receive 1930s medal
Published: Jan. 11, 2023 at 11:21 PM CST
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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - What a blast from the past for Sherman Athletics! Almost 90 years after Lelmer Reynolds won back-to-back State track and field medals in 1931 and 32 for the Bearcats, they finally make their way back to Sherman. After Reynold’s Great-Nephew Larry Halliburton brought his families hardware back home, honoring his Great-Uncle’s legacy forever.

“I coached track for 30-plus years, and so we’ll do family reunions and Christmas and things. So, he had those medals and I said that’s what I want because I coached track,” said Reynold’s Great-Nephew Larry Halliburton. “My daughter made them into a shadow box about 20 years ago and gave it to me for Christmas and then, we talked, and we said these medals need to go somewhere where they’ll be on permanent display.”

“I think it’s fantastic, it is really cool, and I’m blown away that somebody would take something from their family that they’ve had for a long time, 90 years, and donate it to our school and our school district,” said Sherman Assistant Athletic Director Cory Cain. “Then for the kids to get to see it, hold it, look at it and feel the history. Golly, I think that’s such an awesome deal that we get to experience this.”

Although the donation of the medals is all about the rich history here in Sherman, it has already inspired the future of Bearcat Athletics and what they can possibly accomplish.

“Yeah, the history is great and like I said, one of the kids mentioned that I want one of those medals, and now that they’re ten times the size of those, but they’re still pretty special and I think the kids loved it,” said Sherman Track and Field coach Preston Gill. “It was interesting, they picked his brain about the track conditions back in 1930 and I think it hit home with them, the spectacular track we have here set up, that they realize it’s such a special place.”