Emergency sirens in Bennington failed during Friday's storm

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BENNINGTON, Okla. (KXII) -- One Texoma town reported problems with their emergency sirens during last night's severe storm.

Emergency sirens go off to notify people of severe thunderstorms and a possible tornado.

But during Friday night's storm, Bennington residents had to rely on other forms of communication.

"Kept up with everything on the TV and on my phone."

Bennington Fire Department says they attempted to sound their sirens at around 6:30 Friday night after Bryan County issued a tornado warning.

But say they soon realized they weren't working.

Bennington resident, Leona Reynolds says despite the warning ... She didn't experience severe weather and wasn't too worried when the sirens didn't go off.

"They had police cars and fire trucks driving around with sirens."

Her neighbor, Idanel Wright, says she was thankful to hear Bokchito's sirens as she was driving home to Bennington.

"I called our police men and asked if we were fixin' to have bad weather and he said yes there was a tornado warning in Bryan county and they had already sounded sirens in Bokchito and were fixen' to sound ours."

One Bennington resident, who didn't want to go on camera said she got the warning on her phone and had to drive from Durant to notify her elderly father that he needed to take cover.

Bryan County officials say they tested their Bennington sirens on Tuesday without any problems and don't know why it didnt work.

The fire department is working on fixing it.

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